In a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled prevention trial, the efficacy of APUXAN2® was investigated for the prevention of common colds.

It was demonstrated for APUXAN2® for the first time that there is a significantly higher ratio of cytotoxic and regu­latory T-cells in the APUXAN2® group for all cold episodes compared with the placebo group.

In the absence of a cold episode, the stimulation of the immune system by APUXAN2® causes no changes to the immune parameters. In a cold episode, it is active immediately.

Thus the following relates to the nutritional efficacy of APUXAN2®:

  • APUXAN2® supports the immune response of T cells during a common cold episode.
  • In the absence of a common cold episode, there is no significant difference between the APUXAN2®-and the placebo group.
  • In the case of a common cold episode, the ratio of cytotoxic and regulatory T cells in the APUXAN2® group increased significantly compared with the placebo group. This means that the immune system can act quickly and effectively against the infection.
  • Thus the immune system is better prepared for a common cold through training with APUXAN2®.

Furthermore, in the same study, the safety of APUXAN2® was shown. The values measured at the end of the study of 5 liver and 5 renal parameters showed no significant changes to the values of the parameters at the start of the study, nor to the values of the placebo group. This proves that APUXAN2® can be used as a safe dietary supplement.

APUXAN2® will be exclusively available from pharmacies and mail order pharmacies from 1 September 2016. APUXAN2® is produced in drug quality with Good manufacturing practices (GMP) in the new development and production centre (EPC) of Apurano in Warngau near the Tegernsee.

Apurano - High Tech in Life Sciences

Apurano Life Sciences Ltd. was founded in early 2014 and specialises in the development and manufacture of high quality and nutritionally effective dietary supplements. For this, Apurano uses its patent pending production technology PuranoTec that makes the entire medicinal plant or medicinal mushrooms with its water-insoluble constituents as a whole to be optimally absorbable by the body in liquid form. This process does not involve any chemical additives or other solvents.

With the help of an ActiveSpray developed with PuranoTec, medicines or food supplements can be sprayed onto the inner cheek or under the tongue. Due to the special galenics of APUXAN2®, the ingredients are immediately absorbed into the body and thus the immune system can be trained effectively.

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