After an intensive start-up period of 7 months, qualifying and validating our GMP prodcution, we started in September 2016 with the production of our IMMUNE Active Spray APUXAN in our new development and production center (DPC).

In time for the common cold season APUXAN is now available at the following mail order pharmacies in Germany.

Wee are very proud to present you with APUXAN an world novelty.

With our production technology PuranoTec we have developed a product, with whom the immune stimulating but water unsoluble beta-glucans can be optimally resorbed by the body. Therefore the almond mushroom Agaricus blazei Murill can strengthen the immune system as shown in our clinical prevention trial.

Please inform yourself at about the advantages of APUXAN or watch our fascinating 3D animation:

3D animation advantages APUXAN

3D animation how to use APUXAN

Apurano - High Tech in Life Sciences

Apurano Life Sciences Ltd. was founded in early 2014 and specialises in the development and manufacture of high quality and nutritionally effective dietary supplements. For this, Apurano uses its patent pending production technology PuranoTec that makes the entire medicinal plant or medicinal mushrooms with its water-insoluble constituents as a whole to be optimally absorbable by the body in liquid form. This process does not involve any chemical additives or other solvents.

With the help of an ActiveSpray developed with PuranoTec, medicines or food supplements can be sprayed onto the inner cheek or under the tongue. Due to the special galenics of APUXAN2®, the ingredients are immediately absorbed into the body and thus the immune system can be trained effectively.

For further information please contact:

Apurano Life Sciences Ltd.

Dr. Werner Brand
Managing Director

Birkerfeld 12
83627 Warngau

Tel: +49 8024 46869-01