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Dietary supplements are foods that are intended to provide an effective supplement to the daily diet. They are used in situations when increased nutrition is required or as part of a nutritional medical treatment.

For a dietary supplement to be effective nutritionally, it must be absorbed by the body as easily as possible. Apurano Life Sciences GmbH and its sister company Apurano Pharmaceuticals GmbH have developed a process that improves the absorption of active ingredients with the PuranoTec patent-pending production process.

The PuranoTec physical production process makes it possible to convert plant and mushroom substances with low solubility into a soluble form without changing their chemical composition. Together with the special patented formulation, PuranoTec ensures optimal absorption of all the substances contained in the plant or mushroom.

Our dietary supplements include the entire plant part or mushroom in liquid form and are sprayed as an active spray into the inner cheek and under the tongue.


deliberately do not use alcohol or other preservatives to enhance the

shelf-life of our products. By using the unique formulation and filling in

clean rooms under sterile conditions, it is possible to omit these additives.

Our high-quality dietary

supplements are only available at your local pharmacy or by pharmacy mail order.

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